FWBL introduces FWBL PayPak Debit Card – a convenient way to make purchases anywhere within Pakistan securely without the need of carrying cash around.

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What is a Debit Card?

Debit card is also known as bank card or check card; it is a plastic payment card that can be used instead of cash when making purchases. It is similar to a credit card, but unlike a credit card, the money comes directly from the user's bank account when performing a transaction.

What is the difference between a Credit Card and a Debit Card?

Credit Cards are linked to a loan account i.e. when you make purchases or get cash via a Credit Card, the payment is made by the bank via assigning a loan to you, which is required to be paid back (partially or in full) within a specified time or the bank will impose late fees and Interest on revolving amount.

Debit Cards are linked to your bank account i.e. when you make purchases or get cash via a Debit Card; the payment is made by directly debiting your bank account that is linked with your card.

In a nutshell, Credit Cards are “Buy Now, Pay Later” and Debit Cards are “Buy Now, Pay Now”

What are the advantages of Debit Cards?

Some of the advantages of Debit Cards are written below

  1. Debit Cards provide you the peace of mind of not going into debt via overspending as the money you spend via the Debit Card is your own money, not any bank loan.
  2. Debit Cards provide you safety, in case your wallets gets stolen at gun point, you can get the card blocked, making it a useless piece of plastic which the ATM will capture upon usage and POS terminal will reject any attempt.
  3. With all your cash notes replaced by just one card, Debit Cards provide you ease to carry your
  4. Now you don’t have to look for an ATM anymore, pay directly and immediately nationwide for fuel, groceries, dinner.

What is FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

  • FWBL PayPak Debit Card is a Debit Card service by The First Women Bank Ltd, powered by the nationwide acceptability of 1Link for cash withdrawal and direct purchases.

Is my FWBL PayPak Debit Card only a Debit Card?

Your FWBL PayPak Debit Card can also be used as an ATM card at FWBL, 1Link, MNET ATMs in Pakistan.

Can I request for a FWBL PayPak Debit Card on my foreign currency account?

The card can only be requested only on all PKR currency current and savings account where ADC services. are given. The card cannot be issued on foreign currency account

How do I use my card as a Debit Card?

To use your card as a Debit Card, just follow the “5S Principle”.

  1. Look for outlets that accept 1Link PayPak and Shop.
  2. After shopping, when you will come to the cash counter for payment; the cashier will ‘Swipe’ your FWBL PayPak Debit Card and ask you to enter PIN (this is the same PIN that you use for ATM)
  3. Upon Successful transaction, Cashier will give you a charge
  4. Check the transaction amount and Sign the slip of the
  5. Once the transaction is complete, the amount will be deducted from your FWBL account that is linked with the
  6. Please do take your copy of the receipt and keep it safe.

Can I use my FWBL PayPak Debit Card for shopping on the Internet?

Presently, the card cannot be used on the internet as it is too risky to provide your bank account information to a third party website. In future, 1Link may introduce such services.

Can I use my FWBL PayPak Debit Card Internationally?

Presently, the card cannot be used internationally.

Is there any place in Pakistan where the card cannot be honored?

The card will be accepted all over Pakistan.

How will my transactions be verified?

As an ATM Card, you will be required to enter your four digits PINCODE, it is necessary that you maintain the confidentiality of the PINCODE so as to avoid any fraudulent attempts.
As a Debit Card, same PINCODE will be required at cash counter; Debit card verification is done via PIN and signature at the merchant’s copy of the receipt. It is requested that you do not give your Bank Debit Card to anyone under any circumstances and get the card blocked immediately in case the card is lost, stolen or misplaced.

Why is verification at direct shopping at POS terminal PIN based?

You are required to enter your PINCODE and sign the customer slip, as this will safeguards your transaction.

How many types of FWBL PayPak Debit Card are there?

Presently FWBL is issuing PayPak Classic Card

What is the daily withdrawal Limit on FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

FWBL PayPak Debit Card can be used for cash withdrawal (both at local 1Link and MNET ATMs) as for direct shopping (at local POS terminal displaying 1Link PayPak logo).

The daily withdrawal limits are as per the following

FWBL PayPak Debit Card

ATM (Cash Withdrawal):     PKR 30,000 per day
POS (Direct Purchase):            PKR 90,000 per day
FT/ IBFT (Funds Transfer): PKR 100,000 per day

How long are my cards valid for?

The validity of the FWBL PayPak Debit Card is five years from the date of issuance. After which, you will be required to give a card replacement request

Are there any issuance, annual or replacement charges on FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

Yes, charges are mentioned below

Issuance Charges PKR 300
Annual Charges PKR 200 per Year
Card Reissuance PKR 350

Furthermore for ZACA & ZASA account holders issuance charges will be PKR 200

Are there any charges on transactions?

Charges on transactions are mentioned below


  • FWBL PayPak Debit Card used on FWBL Bank ATM FREE
  • FWBL PayPak Debit Card on 1Link/MNET Member Bank’s ATM PKR 15 per transaction

How can I get the FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

 All local currency account holders are eligible for a PayPak debit card. Customers should contact their respective branch for the issuance of a new card.

What if my FWBL PayPak Debit Card gets lost or stolen?

In case your card gets lost or stolen, please immediately call our FWBL Call Center and get the card blocked. After blocking, the card is just a piece of plastic and will either be captured by ATM or rejected by POS upon trial

I am a FWBL ATM Cardholder, how can I apply for FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

All existing cardholders can either visit their respective branch or call our Phone Banking at

(021) 111-11-3925 or 0331-3925-111 and get their card blocked and apply for PayPak Debit Card.

New accountholders and people who did not apply for a card when they opened their account can also apply for FWBL PayPak Debit Card via branch

Is Blocking of the FWBL ATM Card necessary to get FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

In order to avert fraudulent activity and mitigate risk, no card can be issued until the previous card is permanently blocked.

Any helpful suggestions for safety of my FWBL PayPak Debit Card?

There are certain guidelines (also mentioned in the welcome pack) following which the chances of fraud and risks of financial losses can be mitigated. Some of the points are mentioned below.

  1. Do not give your card to Sign immediately at the back of the card when the card is received.
  2. Never disclose your ATM PINCODE to anyone (even the bank staff). If you forgot your PINCODE, do not guess at the ATM, simply contact branch to apply for new PIN Code
  3. Change your PIN frequently